‘Simply’ Estate Six-Pack


A lot of the time, when people hear the word ‘Estate’, they think ‘bougie’, ‘fancy’ and ‘regal’ wineries. We can honestly say that we will never fit into that assumption. Really it just means that the grapes were grown and the wine was made right here on THIS farm. We believe in keeping things simple – no large tasting rooms, no fountains with live swans and fancy food – we just make really good (award-winning) estate-grown wine. And we share it with people in our ‘homey’ way. 

To prove our point – we’re selling our ‘Simply’ Estate Six-Pack for 15% off PLUS free shipping to anywhere in the Golden Horseshoe. 6 Wending Home Estate wines that were grown, harvested and bottled right on our modest and humble winery in rural St. Catharines. 

This pack contains 1 bottle each of our 2020 Pinot Gris and 2020 Sauvignon Blanc, and  2 bottles of the ‘Best in Ontario-Lieutenant Governor’s Awarded’ 2020 Riesling, and our 2020 Wending South red Estate wines. While our establishment may be nothing fancy, we guarantee our wines are special!