Wending Home Lockdown Survival Kit



With the recent news announced yesterday, we wanted to make sure you were prepared for the coming weeks…. with our 2022 Lockdown Survival Kit!

This kit contains 6 bottles of Wending Home wine with a 15% discount and FREE SHIPPING.

Because we want to make sure you make the most of the situation, each wine is handpicked to pair with a specific lockdown moment:

Rosé – Pair with when you need to relax after having an exhausting day going from your fridge, to your couch, to your desk, to your fridge, and then the couch, and then your desk.
Riesling – Drink when you run out of the holiday chocolate you received, and you want to maintain the sweet bliss of ignorance.
Wending North – To be opened when you are looking for an inspiring blend to drink as you multitask the work/Netflix balance
Sauvignon Blanc – Opened with the moment when your kid is in the other room doing an online French class and you feel the need to practice your vocabulary.
Pinot Gris – To pair with your ‘fancy’ sweatpants.
Cabernet Franc – When you realize you haven’t eaten a single fruit or vegetable since New Years, and want to finally start your New Years Resolution of eating healthier.

We’re here for you ❤