2021 Estate Pinot Gris – Award Winner


The 2021 growing season and harvest was not without challenges but since this variety ripens relatively early, we were able to harvest beautifully ripe grapes with minor sorting in the vineyard to remove small amounts of substandard berries. In the end the Pinot Gris is bright, flavour-rich and aromatic.

Although blending and creation of happy symbiotic wines from several varieties is a clear desire for us, it is also often that we want the singular attributes of a wine like this to shine alone.  Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio?  Same grape variety so let’s not make too big a thing out of this, but although both are usually dry or nearly so, it would be more common for Pinot Grigio to stylistically be a bit lighter and ‘quaffable’ while Gris is richer and more concentrated.  With that in mind we call ours Pinot Gris, and the discussion of ‘pigeon holing’ a style ends there.

Tasting Notes

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